1. Introduce selective behaviour. (details)
  2. Fixes for and (details)
  3. Specify surefire java settining (details)
Commit 006cc78980e3b52335f7b6f9874ec06ac0f21ff9 by bonustrack310
Introduce selective behaviour.
The file was modifiedServer/src/main/webapp/auth/passport/passportlogin.xhtml (diff)
Commit 5a81a557d39bbf7b3542f6158cd2d90db3501671 by bonustrack310
Fixes for and
The file was modifiedServer/integrations/passport/ (diff)
The file was modifiedServer/integrations/saml-passport/ (diff)
Commit 79c443cd6ec98bf0a73b454dc32cc16361f9743e by Yuriy.Movchan
Specify surefire java settining
The file was modifiedpom.xml (diff)