1. maven : persistence -> jans-orm (details)
Commit 8b12f8188ca0ad57881929389f1019bf00005cd3 by yzabrovarniy
maven : persistence -> jans-orm
The file was modifiedpersistence-hybrid/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedpersistence-cdi/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedpersistence-util/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedpersistence-couchbase-sample/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedpersistence-couchbase/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedpersistence-ldap/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedpersistence-model/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedpersistence-annotation/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedpersistence-ldap-sample/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedpersistence-filter/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedpersistence-standalone/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedpersistence-core/pom.xml (diff)