FindBugs Bug Detector Report

The following document contains the results of FindBugs

FindBugs Version is 3.0.1

Threshold is medium

Effort is min


Classes Bugs Errors Missing Classes
19 3 0 0


Bug Category Details Line Priority
gluu.scim2.client.AbstractScimClient.lambda$getIntegerProperty$0(String) invokes inefficient new Integer(String) constructor; use Integer.valueOf(String) instead PERFORMANCE DM_NUMBER_CTOR 165 Medium


Bug Category Details Line Priority
Switch statement found in gluu.scim2.client.TestModeScimClient.getTokens(GrantType) where default case is missing STYLE SF_SWITCH_NO_DEFAULT 131 Medium
Unwritten field: gluu.scim2.client.TestModeScimClient.refresh_token CORRECTNESS UWF_UNWRITTEN_FIELD 137 Medium