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+ /usr/local/dependency-check/bin/ --failOnCVSS 8 -s /var/www/html/maven/org/gluu/oxauth-server/oxauth-server/4.0.1.Final
Invalid 'scan' argument: '/var/www/html/maven/org/gluu/oxauth-server/oxauth-server/4.0.1.Final' - path does not exist
usage: Dependency-Check Core [--advancedHelp] [--cveValidForHours <hours>]
       [--enableExperimental] [--enableRetired] [--exclude <pattern>] [-f
       <format>] [--failOnCVSS <score>] [-h] [--junitFailOnCVSS <score>]
       [-l <file>] [-n] [-o <path>] [--prettyPrint] [--project <name>] [-s
       <path>] [--suppression <file>] [--symLink <depth>] [-v]

Dependency-Check Core can be used to identify if there are any known CVE
vulnerabilities in libraries utilized by an application. Dependency-Check
Core will automatically update required data from the Internet, such as
the CVE and CPE data files from

    --advancedHelp               Print the advanced help message.
    --cveValidForHours <hours>   The number of hours to wait before
                                 checking for new updates from the NVD.
    --enableExperimental         Enables the experimental analyzers.
    --enableRetired              Enables the retired analyzers.
    --exclude <pattern>          Specify an exclusion pattern. This option
                                 can be specified multiple times and it
                                 accepts Ant style exclusions.
 -f,--format <format>            The report format (HTML, XML, CSV, JSON,
                                 JUNIT, or ALL). The default is HTML.
                                 Multiple format parameters can be
    --failOnCVSS <score>         Specifies if the build should be failed
                                 if a CVSS score above a specified level
                                 is identified. The default is 11; since
                                 the CVSS scores are 0-10, by default the
                                 build will never fail.
 -h,--help                       Print this message.
    --junitFailOnCVSS <score>    Specifies the CVSS score that is
                                 considered a failure when generating the
                                 junit report. The default is 0.
 -l,--log <file>                 The file path to write verbose logging
 -n,--noupdate                   Disables the automatic updating of the
                                 CPE data.
 -o,--out <path>                 The folder to write reports to. This
                                 defaults to the current directory. It is
                                 possible to set this to a specific file
                                 name if the format argument is not set to
    --prettyPrint                When specified the JSON and XML report
                                 formats will be pretty printed.
    --project <name>             The name of the project being scanned.
 -s,--scan <path>                The path to scan - this option can be
                                 specified multiple times. Ant style paths
                                 are supported (e.g. 'path/**/*.jar'); if
                                 using Ant style paths it is highly
                                 recommended to quote the argument value.
    --suppression <file>         The file path to the suppression XML
                                 file. This can be specified more then
                                 once to utilize multiple suppression
    --symLink <depth>            Sets how deep nested symbolic links will
                                 be followed; 0 indicates symbolic links
                                 will not be followed.
 -v,--version                    Print the version information.
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