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In an XDI network, there are XDI clients and servers. oxServer is the latter. It is a place to store your graph (or personal data store) on the Internet. oxServer is designed to be multi-tenant, meaning that one server can host multiple organizations, hosting graphs for multiple individuals. oxServer leverages LDAP the fast searching and tree based security model of LDAP. By breaking the graph into bite-sized-pieces of data, and by applying special handling for binary data, oxServer is designed to handle graphs gigabytes in size. Messaging is not very useful if you can't identify the sender of the message: oxServer uses OpenID Connect 1.0 JWT tokens to validate the sender of a message. See oxAuth if you are looking for an open source OpenID Provider. Below is more information regarding the design and deployment of oxServer:

How to

  1. How to Run oxServer on Jetty
  2. How to Run Tests of oxServer

In case of problems please check our troubleshooting page.



  1. Link contract support
    1. Allow, Deny support FIXME (more clear docs for Link contracts)
    2. $if support (also see this)
  2. oxGraph GUI client for oxServer. Login and enter target xri and link contract to see how XDI messages run between oxGraph and oxServer


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