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The goal of the OX Project is to enable organizations to securely share data with trusted partners. OX software is freely available under the MIT open source license. If you want commercial support for OX, you can contact Gluu, the primary maintainers and shepherds. Gluu also offers on demand versions of OX that can be quickly and easily deployed to meet the demands of many organizations. This Wiki is open to the Community and holds the most current OX software download links and documentation.

Cloud Identity Platform

  1. oxAuth : J2EE OpenID Connect OP and UMA PDP. Also Java client code for OpenID Connect, UMA.
  2. oxTrust: UI for organizational access management using SAML and OAuth2 open standards. Includes SCIM endpoints and LDAP synchronization, and flexible support for strong multi-step and multi-factor authentication.
  3. oxPush : Open source two factor authentication application using mobile out-of-band push notification
  4. oxd : OpenID Connect and UMA plugins for Apache and nginx web containers
  5. oxRay : OpenID Connect authentication plugin for LifeRay 5.x and 6.x

OpenID Graph Platform

  1. oxServer : J2EE server which implements graph persistence, messaging, operations, link contract enforcement, authorization
  2. oxGraph : OpenID Graph client software, including visualization and messaging.
  3. oxModel: Object - Graph mapping tool (“Hibernate” for OpenID Graph)
  4. oxTestTool : OpenID Graph Server implementation testing platform
  5. ox+: Sample OpenID Graph app for private social networking
  6. oxGraphModel : OX Graph Library (extensively used by oxServer)

How to report a bug?


OX Project Tools

SVN Browse or download source code.

Hudson OX Project Continuous Integration (“CI”) dashboard

OX Jira OX Project Issue tracking, Roadmap, Release Notes


Companies using OX Software


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